Monday, 28 February 2011

Pascale Saturday!

I have been watching "Baking made easy" on BBC 2, featuring Lorraine Pascale, and my lovely wife bought me her cook book that accompanies the series. So on Saturday it was "Official Pascale Day" in my kitchen, these are a few of her recipes that I tried. And I must say so myself they all turned out perfectly.
I wholeheartedly recommend Lorraine's book, and that you watch her show, its a hive of wonderful tips, recipes and yummyness!

First I made the sausage rolls, the instructions were so simple, and tasted divine, so much better than shop-bought ones.
I have been meaning to do my own bread without the aid of a breadmaker, for some time now, and I now wish I had done it ages ago, the Focaccia was a doddle to do, and it tastes like no bread I have ever bought before, really people you have to give this one a go.

Then I attempted the brandy snaps. These were not so simple, but in the end I think I mastered them, and they were scrumptious, crispy and fun!


  1. Hello Craig and partner,

    Your food looks beautiful.It is genuinely so nice to see such gorgeous pictures of the food you have made.
    Thanks for showing me!
    Kind regards
    Lorraine P

  2. You have disappointed me, I am following your blog because of a statement in your first post that said all photos and recipes are your own.

    Already you have compromised that. How many more are genuinely yours?


  3. Im sorry you feel that way, and please feel free to 'un' follow me.
    I have not posted any recipes that are not mine, or photos.
    This post is to showcase a great book and to show that anyone can make great food, I have not posted the recipes, as they clearly are not mine. but the photos are. I have made no claims that the recipes in this post are mine.
    And I can assure that all the recipes posted on here are my own work, but as you can understand, i am sure, that cooking is all about taking one persons recipe and putting your slant on it, tweek it, add or take away ingredients that you have or do not have in your pantry.
    But most of all I do this blog for fellow food lovers, so if you cannot stand the heat in the kitchen get out the fire.
    Make food, nor war! x

  4. Nice one Mr Lyons - obviously jealous of ur talent :)

  5. hi ya...thanks for the follow over on twitter. i was having a quick stalk of your blog and found this post...i worked as home ec on baking made easy & so its gret to see people cooking some of the recipes. good job on them too - fab bread ;) sharon x