Friday, 17 December 2010

Welcome to Lyons Made, a food blog

Thanks for stopping by, this is where all my food thoughts, tips, recipes, photographs and reviews are gonna be.
  Hopefully some will find them interesting, and informative, and hell, who knows some of you may even try to cook a few of my recipes.

  This is my first attempt at a blog, so there may be a few blips and dips, so please let me know if there are.

All recipes and photographs on this blog are created by myself, unless stated otherwise.


Craig x


  1. LOVING it all so far Craig.... the pictures are Fabulous... going to get Oliver to make your recipes so far.. so please please hurry up and add some more :) xx

  2. Cheers Annie.
    Got a few lined up for the next couple of days, gonna do a Tikka Massala for NYE, so will prob add that too. Let me know how Oliver goes! x x

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